About Us

About Us

Helping you live more sustainably

Ever thought about the amount of waste created during harvest? A lot of time, energy and water goes into growing the crop, yet much of the resulting plant goes unwanted, and would normally be burnt. Instead, we process this agricultural waste, and blend it with resin to create our range of pots, planters, homewares and garden accessories. We work very closely with our factory in China to achieve various finishes through experimentation using our main ingredients:-

  • Bamboo
  • Wheat Chaff
  • Straw
  • Coffee Husks
  • Nut Husks

None of these ingredients are grown specifically for us. Earthy products generally have a smaller carbon footprint than the average equivalent product, as they require less energy to produce and transport. They’re also frost proof and suitable for outdoor use, as well as indoors. No animal-derived products are contained within (or used during the production of) Earthy products, making them vegan-friendly.

By investing in Earthy Sustainable™ products, you are helping to minimise waste, and appreciating the time, energy and water that goes into arable farming.

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Earthy Sustainable™ is available wholesale from The Satchville Gift Company from www.thesatchvillegiftcompany.co.uk